Generate random encounters or
detailed human Non-Playing Characters

Notes on the usage of NPC Generation for the Amar RPG

This program will only make sense to you if you know what roleplaying games (RPGs) are. It is a usefull asset to the Amar RPG. Upon pressing "Generate random encounter" or "Generate a detailed human NPC", you will be asked for certain inputs. You may select or enter values in any of the input fields. Those you don't will be randomly generated. When you have selected/entered the values you want, press "Submit", and the random encounter or detailed human NPC will be generated. If you are not happy with the result, but still want to keep those initial values, just press the button "Reload with same values". Happy generation :)

Several abbreviations are used. They are easily deciphered if you read the Amar RPG rules. The more obscure ones are: Spell Heading: A?=Active/Passive? Here a "+" means both Active and passive. R?=Resist? AoE="Area Of Effect", and we have A=Animal, C=Creature, D=Demon, E=Elemental, O=Object, S=Spell, U=Undead, W=Weapon. The asterisk indicates that it will increase with the spell level. 1mr = 1 meter radius.

This program is licensed under GPL3 Copyright 2002-2015, Geir Isene.